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Download Facebook Auto Liker .

Optimisation of calculation

You have a table with three columns. Two integer columns representing the position of a row, and a string column with names of employees. This data represents a list of employees, which I need to calculate the total number of employees who have worked at least 100 days in the last year. I have a feeling this can be done quite quickly but I’m stuck on how to approach the design of a query which can handle these sorts of situations, thanks in advance.


create table #workers
rowid int not null,
firstname varchar(50) not null,
lastname varchar(50) not null,
pos int not null,
sot int not null

insert #workers (rowid, firstname, lastname, pos, sot)
(1, ‘John’, ‘Smith’, 1, 1),
(2, ‘Peter’, ‘Q-Ball’, 2, 10),
(3, ‘John’, ‘Smith’, 3, 11),
(4, ‘John’, ‘Smith’, 4, 110),
(5, ‘Steve’, ‘Jones’, 5, 111),
(6, ‘Steve’, ‘Jones’, 6, 11),
(7, ‘Jane’, ‘Johnson’, 7, 110),
(8, ‘Jane’, ‘Johnson’, 8, 11),
(9, ‘Steve’, ‘Jones’, 9, 11),
(10, ‘Susan’, ‘Smith’, 10, 11),
(11, ‘Susan’, ‘Smith’, 11, 11),
(12, ‘Jane’, ‘Johnson’, 12, 1),
(13, ‘Steve’, ‘Jones’, 13, 1),
(14, ‘Peter’, ‘Q-Ball’, 14,


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