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In this study, we used expression cloning to identify the ligands and receptors of both mature and immature B cells as well as the plasma cells that resided in the adult mice.


We found that members of the C1q and collectins family, including Macrosin, PLUNC and CL-K1/MFG-E8, were the cognate ligands for mature B cells. Macrosin/PLUNC chimeric proteins were recognized by mature naïve B cells with nearly 100% specificity. In contrast, PLUNC and CL-K1 did not bind to mature B cells, suggesting the existence of unidentified lectins. IgM^+^CD138^-^B220^+^plasma cells expressed a CL-K1 chimera that was reactive to immature B cells. Moreover, IgM^+^CD138^-^B220^+^plasma cells expressed a specific FcRγ-derived receptor, which was reactive to CL-K1. Finally, this receptor bound to the complex formed by the B cell receptor, the Ig, and Macrosin/PLUNC

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