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here you go. this is a hex viewer in dec which will display out the binary directly. you can open it in any hex editor like notepad, hex editor. it should be quite straightforward..

the columns are:
1 = address
2 = hex offset (bits)
3 = length in hex (bits)
4 = value (in hex)

the lines are:
1 = address of the next line
2 = byte(s) in hex (including length)

perhaps it is a file of some sort you were looking at
update: if you open the file in notepad, you can edit it.
you can delete it line by line and it can rebuild itself on the next run
read. hex editor


Will this BLDC Motor survive a 24 hour stand?

I was planning on building a short Circuit Motor using BLDC motors. While I think it’s a great idea to use BLDC motors, they are not as easy to make a short circuit with as a brushed DC motor.
I’d like to use a 14V 3AWG power wire to run a BLDC motor. If I build a DC motor and wire it this way, will the DC motor hold up under the condition of a 24 hour stand? The motor would be stationary for 24 hours a day.
If the above would fail, what type of motors and how would I go about building one? I have a lot of experience building generators and wind turbines but I have never used a BLDC motor before.


Bumps or blows can be a problem, but they’re not that big a deal. You don’t want to make things out of one piece anyway, so it can be cut apart. But it does depend on the motors, but typically 24 hours at ~70 deg F is the limit. A sealed low-maintenance BLDC doesn’t have much of a problem, but brush-type drives will run hotter. The brush itself isn’t much of a problem, but the brushes aren’t conductive. And then, there’s the fact that brushes have some element of variability (even a metal-on-metal one will have some variation).
Blowing fuses are also not uncommon with a BL

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