PMiG is a simple, accessible and very easy-to-use tool that allows you to edit your images and create stencils.
Stencils are a way to do graffiti. With the help of stencils it is possible, to edit yout photos and transfer them onto walls.







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A single up-and-coming email client for Windows
Mutt is a command-line based email client that includes a convenient number of useful features and is designed to work with various MUA such as Mutt Mail or Maildir.
What can it do?
Mutt offers you a highly customizable interface, which helps you filter your emails by the ones you need to get rid of and allows you to create customized presets to find emails quicker.
Apart from that, Mutt offers you the chance to export your content, to search your mail using regular expressions, to sort your messages, and more. Moreover, you can set a wide array of options for specifying how to display your emails, as well as to search for your messages.
Highly customizable email client
Mutt is designed to be highly customizable, so you can set up various preset rules that will help you to easily read your emails within a short amount of time. These predefined rules range from fetching a message based on its list of recipients to fetching a list of emails containing keywords or phrases.
Search your emails using regular expressions
You can also express regular expressions in plain text and use them to search for specific messages.
Other useful options include sorting your messages, attaching files to your emails, filtering your emails into your Inbox, Archive, Drafts, Trash or Sent folder, and more.
X-Server is a program that allows users to connect to various server-based applications using only a single mouse click.
Firewall blocking applications
It also allows you to connect to servers using the built-in X server, which is useful if you use to work with applications that require some network communication.
A convenient tool for Windows users
The program also includes the same UI (Graphical User Interface) that other Windows clients have, which means it is easy for newcomers to make the most of its features.
Last but not least, X-Server is a very lightweight program, and that means it consumes very few system resources.
Open Networks permits users to get a handle of their servers’ netorking options in a fast, convenient manner.
Network Management
X-Server, whose only purpose is to help users connect to servers, also offers a few network management options, such as enabling/disabling the system’s firewall.
Configuring X-Server
The application can be configured by simply defining its default gateway, IP address, and DNS server.
Multimedia players
Apart from the aforementioned features, X-

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Test Explorer is a simple yet powerful auto test tool that comes with a user-friendly interface.
To conclude, this utility is very convenient to use, as it provides a method to find different software features across all internet browsers and save time using various attributes.
However, it is recommended to go through all available manuals and guides to master the tests.
Cloud Help Desk is a web-based, remote help desk for small to medium businesses. It supports tickets, CRM and email integration.
This application doesn’t offer numerous options, but you can configure it via a friendly graphical interface. Also, to find additional services, you’re provided with more detailed information about its features.
Cloud Help Desk notes
You can easily configure this program via its web-based interface, which makes it convenient to manage and navigate through all available functions. It is not a game-changing application, so you’ll need to familiarize yourself with its interface to really enjoy its benefits. Also, you need to be aware that this utility is available only for Windows 10, as it requires the.NET Framework 4.5.3.
Different basic items like the calculator are available, which is convenient when dealing with just a few programs at a time. However, this tool is not powerful enough to handle a large number of tasks.
Cloud Help Desk handling
This application is easy to use, especially when you’re familiar with its interface. It is mainly a test tool, but it can also be used to manage and maintain client accounts. It can integrate with your company’s email tools and offers an extensive helpdesk service, which means its clients can address their concerns with your company’s helpdesk via email.
As opposed to the mentioned program, Kompass is a performance-focused one. It features a clean and intuitive UI, providing you with all tools you need for a stable and efficient PC.
Kompass shows
The interface is fully responsive, adaptable to the screen size. It works on all major browsers. Therefore, if you encounter any issues, it is possible to find solutions right away.
This tool is extremely easy to set up, as it only requires you to create and maintain an account on the website. You will then be able to access the entire utility via your browser.
Kompass Free
Kompass is an online application, so it is free for use. You don’t need to download anything

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An application that replaces a mouse and works in any browser. It is an in-browser application that does not require any plugins or downloads. It allows you to add complex text to any webpage including text, custom boxes and full-screen backgrounds with a simple click of a mouse.
✓ The creator says that it works perfectly in IE6, IE7, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari with no plugins required.
✓ Click to add text or boxes and type your customization in the editor and click the “apply” button.
✓ The full-screen background option allows you to add to any webpage in any browser.
✓ Works in e-commerce solutions such as Shopping Cart Abandonment, Shopping Cart Abandonment Analytics, and Shopping Cart Abandonment Widgets.
✓ It supports and comes with 100+ templates and over 100 pre-built products.
✓ Works in all the major e-commerce platforms like Bigcommerce, Commerce Cloud, EcommerceCloud, Shopify, Volusion and Woocommerce.
✓ If you want to use the Standard Text template it will be your last chance, once it’s gone you’ll have to buy the Advanced Text theme to be able to add any customizations.
✓ The text is clickable and can be used by all the e-commerce solutions.
✓ When purchased the license is valid for a lifetime.
✓ If you purchase the trial you will have 24 hours to buy the full version.
The Mobile Real Estate Agent application will be of great help to you because it is a simple and easy to use software for those that want to take control of their business without any worries.
You can use the software for all properties for your business. Among the many basic features offered, it allows you to upload documents, edit, and track orders without any complications.
You will be able to manage all purchases and deliveries from a single view, and keep a history of your sales and purchases for future reference.
It is a white label application available on Amazon Appstore and Google Play Market.
AutoText Description:
The Mobile Real Estate Agent is a superior software with many added features that makes it a great deal for the users. It allows the users to make themselves acquainted with all the specific features and functions by making just a few clicks.
✓ Take control of your business with this friendly application.
✓ Edit, add new properties, upload documents, track orders, and schedule deliveries

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How to get Unlimited Web Hosting Using Nexhost Hosting?


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System Requirements For AutoText:

The macOS version of this app has been tested on a MacBook Pro Retina (mid 2015) and a MacBook Pro (2013) with macOS High Sierra 10.13.5.
Microsoft OneNote and OneNote Web Clipper is not supported.
Microsoft Office Online or Office 365 is required for the Word Online experience.
The Microsoft OneNote app is not supported, but the Microsoft OneNote Web Clipper is fully functional in the OneNote app.
Important Information for Users of the Microsoft Edge browser:
Microsoft Edge doesn’t support