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If you want to get rid of spyware, to fasten file and program access, or to free space, Compu-Rx is the complete tool for you.
Thanks to its innovative combination of Windows’ built-in toolset (“Programs”, “Files”, “Start”, “Run”, “My Computer”, “My Computer” on Windows XP, “Computer” on Windows Vista and 7) with
our own unbeatable features Compu-Rx becomes the ultimate tool for secure, speedy and easy computer maintenance.
Compu-Rx is not another useless cleaning program. It works in the background, automatically keeps you computer safe and clean, and keeps it that way for as long as you wish.
In order to make your computer run faster, faster and faster, the system slows down at some point and with some amount of data (documents, books, MP3 files, pictures, etc.) the hard drive is filled up. If you do not go through the painstaking process of deleting these files from the disk, the computer will begin slowing down.
Windows can be slow at times because it is complex and user and developer friendly. This system issue can cause major slowdown or even crash.
Compu-Rx speeds up your computer by removing the clutter from your disk, cleaning the system (registry and cach) and tweaking the system.
Compu-Rx will not slow your computer down! It is a safe and easy to use tool to clean your computer, defragment, speed up your PC and speed up Windows itself.
Compu-Rx is designed to help you do quick and easy everyday maintenance of your computer. It is an all in one package for it provides all the tools you need to keep your PC as clean, safe, fast and secure as possible.
Compu-Rx will not remove any personal data from your computer – it is 100% safe and will keep the information that is on your computer up to date.
You will be able to back up the files and applications that you use, keep your most frequently used programs and files accessible with on-screen help.
Possible system problems, problems arising when you install a new program or in certain situations arise: corrupted files, deleted, blocked or damaged registry entries, processes running in the background, etc. These problems can cause slow down and malfunction of your computer.

Compu-Rx Crack + For PC

Compu-Rx helps you access and organize documents and web sites you visit most. Use our powerful Internet bookmark manager to automatically download your important Internet Bookmarks, Plugins, Wallpapers, Music and Movies.
In a matter of minutes Compu-Rx will help you organize your bookmarks by sending them automatically to your email address.You can also easily backup, delete or restore your Internet bookmark favorites.

Now make your PC faster and secure with a one-stop solution to running multiple security, data and cleaning tools. The pre-configured software package for keeping your PC safe, secure and clean includes popular security programs, an automated spyware cleaner, registry cleaner and everything you need to go from a slow computer to a fast, secure and functional system in less than 10 minutes a day!


100% Tv AntiVir Free

Remove all types of malware

Registry Cleaner

Disable Spyware, Adware, Spyware, Phishing


Internet Speed Booster

Deskbar Search

Quick Folder

Disk Cleaner

Password Manager

Macro Manager

Internet Browsing History Cleaner

Performance Optimization

Google Search

Remote access to your computer

Movis video downloader

Norton Internet Security


Security Update

Silent PC

Internet Security

Online Backup




Malware Scan

Ransomware Checker

PC Defender


Internet Cleaner

Network Scan

Privacy Protector


Spyware Scan



PC Cleaner

Privacy Protector

System Restore

Diagnostic Tool



Trusted Zone

Windows Speedup

Malware Cleaner





Computer Cleaner


Bootable BIOS

Deep Scan

Trojan Remover


Quick Folder

Scanned Internet

License Key

Spyware Computer

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Compu-Rx Crack + Activation Code With Keygen PC/Windows

If you are looking for a dependable program that will keep your computer running smoothly, then Compu-Rx is the answer! Compu-Rx will let you quickly fix your PC’s performance problems by automatically eliminating potential problems and cleaning your computer. Although Compu-Rx does more than just clean your computer, it does it in a short amount of time, so you don’t have to spend days troubleshooting every performance problem that arises. With this PC cleaning software, you will be able to clean your Internet history, cookies, temporary files, temporary downloads, and more, quickly and easily. Using the easy-to-navigate interface, you can create a custom registry cleaning schedule or choose the day of the week, time of day, and time zone that your computer is best cleaned. Compu-Rx can even clean your computer when you are not there. Because of this feature, you can clean your computer anytime, even when you are not around to do so yourself. Because Compu-Rx is a all-in-one software package, you will not have to worry about keeping your operating system, files, folders, address book, and email information backed up separately. This one great package will keep your system running smoothly and free from errors. Compu-Rx includes the following features:
■ Automatic: Can be set to automatically run in the background when you start your computer.
■ Advanced: Instantly scan your hard disk for spyware and malware to help keep your computer clean.
■ Registry Optimization: Automatically free up space in your registry.
■ Browser Bookmarks Backup: Backup your favorite Internet bookmarks and links.
■ Cookies Cleanup: Clean all of your Internet cookies.
■ Internet History Cleanup: Delete your Internet search history.
■ Temporary Files Cleanup: Remove all of your temporary files and cleaner spyware.
■ Temporary Downloads Cleanup: Clean up all of your temporary downloads.
■ Search History Cleanup: Clean your Internet search history.
■ Restore System Files: Restore your system registry, system files, and restore your desktop background.
■ Add or Remove Programs: Instantly remove any programs that you don’t need or desire to be installed.
■ Virus and Malware Scan: Does a thorough scan of your system for spyware and malware.
■ Security Updates: Daily updates are automatically

What’s New in the Compu-Rx?

– This tool is the most popular file-deleting tool used to delete browser history, temporary Internet files, and other tracking files.
It will delete all browser history, temporary Internet files, cookies, and other unnecessary files that gather in your computer.
– Delete harmful browser history
– Delete temporary Internet files
– Remove unwanted browser history
– Delete history of visited Web pages
– Delete useless temporary files
– Delete cookies
– Delete web browsing history
– Delete download history
– Delete login/password history
– Completely clean your internet browsing history
– Back up your favorites
– Backup your internet favorites
– Restore back up files
– Restore your recently used files
– Restore your favorite bookmarks
– Use the information you want
– Internet bookmarks
– Bookmarks files
– Bookmarks Internet explorer
– Bookmarks: downloads, etc
– E-mail bookmarks
– Backup your favorite mail
– Backup your email
– Email address book
– Firefox address book
– Email program bookmarks
– Email: spam mail
– Email: spam mail reports
– Mail: Old spam mail
– Mail: Old spam reports
– Address book
– Address
– Address book
– Address book
– Address book
– Address book
– Address book
– Address book
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System Requirements For Compu-Rx:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel Core i3-2330M, AMD A10-7850K
Memory: 4GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970, AMD R9 270
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 6GB available space
Additional Notes:
The game is built to run on high-end machines. Therefore, the system requirements listed here should only be used for reference purposes.
Windows Updates must be installed to make sure the game runs correctly.