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PRODUCT- Desperado’s Age of Pirates Protector 1.0
– Key Features
All in one protection: Pre-installed antivirus and firewall for all of the MS Windows, Mac OS or Linux platforms.
Remove virus from your PC in two simple steps: automatic scan all files and a manual scan tool.
Complete defense against spyware, spam and malicious links.
Detects and stops virus removal attempts by hackers
Remove browser hijackers, protect against cyber attacks and prevent hacking attempts by hackers.
Protect your PC with a password.
Protect your PC from spyware, browser hijackers, security threats, hackers and system attacks.
Real time protection: Detects even the newest threats and new malware in real time.
Surf anonymously without losing your privacy or your identity.
Repair: Freely repair installations of malware and identify the responsible program.
Tutorial: Learn how to detect and fix spyware and malicious software.
System Requirements
Ms Windows 8/8.1
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Download Desperado’s Age of Pirates Protector 1.0 – Permissionless Guardian is the first all in one protection application that is included not just a pre-installed antivirus and firewall, but also it’s a complete PC protection against spyware, malwares and hackers, and even more it is a permissionless protector.
When you first install it, it will ask you for an admin password and will also ask for it’s confirmation password. Then, you’re done and by just clicking on “OK” button, it will reset all the system settings to the default. So, you can check it’s installation guide and confirm your settings.



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Keylemon MACOSX LinkI am trying to mix my Joomla 1.5 content with some jQuery script for making a little plugin. I’ve uploaded all my files to /libraries/plugins/ which I’ve defined for this.

I did this because I thought it’d be better to have the script there and all of my content in the root of the site (/content/product) rather than make an absolute path to a file in the filesystem, especially if the file will be the same in other extensions on the site. I do use the /libraries/plugins/ folder for all of my content, and the plugin works fine without issues.

But now I’m running into an issue. The plugin needs to be loaded when the page loads, and I’m using jQuery’s $.get() function to get my script.

The script works fine until I move it to libraries/plugins, but now the script gets an internal server error when the plugin tries to load. And I don’t know what to do, as the js file is getting included properly.

If I place the script in the joomla root, I get an external server error. So I need to load the script from a path that is relative to the plugin content.

So what is the proper way to load a script that is not in joomla core using jQuery’s.get? Or can this be done at all? It seems like it should be possible.

I thought it’d be better to have the script there and all of my content in the root of the site

I think you’re confusing ‘better’ with ‘easier.’ It’s easier to handle the code in your ‘libraries/plugins’ folder if you have it there rather than making the absolute path to it in Joomla, but in the long run, it’s not better. It’s just more work to maintain the code over time.

If you want to ‘limit’ your pages from loading any plugins in content areas you should be placing your plugins in your template’s root (ie. templates/yourtemplate/). This ensures that they will be run the right way (libraries/plugins) and also avoids the issue of them being loaded into the wrong context.

Are the plugins being loaded with the rest of the site’s core functionality (i.e. Joomla core functionality)? If so

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A precise knowledge of the electron transport properties of doped oxides is necessary for the understanding of the underlying electronic phenomena during electrochemical and photochemical processes. The single-crystalline La0.67Ca0.33MnO3 has been studied as a function of the in situ and ex situ photoelectric response of the [100], [010], [110], and [001] films. The ex situ photoelectric response is addressed with bulk and nanofabricated (FET) devices. The in situ response is based on the measurements of the current as a function of the light intensity and of the variable bottom applied bias. It is found that the influence of the initial light-induced charge transfer decreases with the increasing bias when the electric field reduces the probability of the photoelectric processes, the photogeneration of electron-hole pairs, and the charge trapping. The electric field dependence and energy band alignment controls the electronic transport because the electric field produces, in the heterojunction, a heterojunction-like graded distribution of the electric field within the heterointerface as a function of the bias, thus modifying the probability of the photoelectric processes. When the electric field is parallel to the heterointerface, photoexcited electrons and holes diffuse within the heterojunction during the fast in situ photoelectric response, whereas photoexcited electrons and holes are trapped by the interface and trap sites during the slow in situ response. In the heterointerface, the density of trap sites, which are situated at the heterojunction interfaces or at the interface and near the interface, creates a slight electric field. The density of trap sites, in turn, is controlled by the

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William Swain (c. 1605 – 20 January 1677) was a Canon of Windsor from 1653 to 1677 and Dean of Salisbury 1662 to 1664 and Dean of St George’s Cathedral, Cairo 1664 to 1677.


He was born in by 1605, son of Thomas Swain of Wallington, Surrey, and his wife Martha, daughter of Robert Smith of Ingham, Essex.


He was educated at Brasenose College, Oxford and became a Fellow in 1623 and a Canon in 1653.

He was appointed:
Rector of Alresford 1634
Rector of Ashwell, Hertfordshire 1635
Rector of Surrenden 1636

He was appointed Dean of Salisbury in 1662 and Dean of St George’s Cathedral, Cairo in 1664, holding both posts until his death in 1677.


Category:1605 births
Category:1677 deaths
Category:Fellows of Brasenose College, Oxford
Category:Canons of Windsor
Category:Alumni of Brasenose College, Oxford
Category:Deans of Salisbury
Category:Canons of Salisbury
Category:Canons of Windsor
Category:17th-century English Anglican priestsA team led by Japanese scientists from Kyoto University, Kyushu University and the University of Tokyo has unveiled a new DNA-reading method that reads a strand of DNA not in a helix but in a “four-stranded” sheet structure.

A report of the method, which was published today in Science Advances, allows researchers to read a strand of DNA not in a helix but in a sheet structure. Thus, the method can accurately read not only how to read a DNA strand but also the order of nucleotides of a DNA strand.

A helix is the shape of DNA that most biologists have used to read a DNA strand. In the traditional way, researchers