Zelotes T-80 Mouse Driver 44

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Zelotes T-80 Mouse Driver 44

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In any case, the ZELOTES T-80/T60 is an excellent mouse and even has a ton of features to take into consideration with a price tag of under 80 bucks. After all, a budget-friendly gaming mouse would certainly be a great choice for any gamer interested in buying something that is pretty sleek. Lets take a look at the various features of the mouse and what it offers in terms of value.


As the mouse has a gloss finish, I like the fact that the design of the mouse is fairly high-end. Essentially, it looks like any other gaming mouse with top-quality steel and aluminum. What is nice about the design is that it feels very solid, and you can rest assured that it wont be slipping out of your hands too easily and breaking underneath you. From the instructions, I received the mouse with a USB cable, the charging cable, the 14.4 Volt 2.1A external power supply, and one of the best soft touch cases that I have ever used. I was also pretty impressed with the fact that the mouse has a nice travel case inside. It also comes with what looks like ZELOTES custom buttons


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Zelotes T 80 – 6.5 / 8 Step Programmable Joystick with Mouse Capabilities – –  –   .
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Zenith Gaming Mice: The Perfect Match For Your Gaming Device
This mouse is the perfect gaming device for nearly any of your gaming needs. The model offers you a feature set that you might not find with other gaming mice. The included detachable mouse pads allow you to switch from the Logitech G400 for a moment before you get to playing. The size of the mouse itself is small and easy to tote around with you. They work great for all types of activities, and provide superb comfort for long gaming sessions.
The basic qualities of the Zenith Gaming Mouse are the well-balanced features that are always included with this mouse. The weight and the size are standard with these types of devices. The mouse wheel is smooth and comfortable to use, and since the mouse has an advanced optical sensor, you can maintain the accuracy of this feature while you are gaming. It also comes with a 3-button configuration.
The basic features of the Zenith Gaming Mouse are the high-quality components that make it such a great choice. This mouse uses a PC version of the original mouse sensor, which means that the mouse can detect the actions of your hands at a greater range than other cheaper models. This type of sensor is much more accurate and will deliver precise input. It also operates at a top speed of 2000 CPI and has full 1-year warranty.
The features of the Zenith Gaming Mouse are the well-balanced options that make it such a great choice. The mouse comes with the Logitech G400 mouse pad