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Standardization of the WS-Agent technology is currently underway. To achieve this goal, it is critical that a well-structured agent technology is available.. Gu et al. In: Proceedings of the conference on Building bridges to the future of research in software engineering.

SDO-Node module for OLE.1.6.
It can carry out normal functions in a client/server architecture and consists of the following two modules: (1) the SDO-Node server module and (2) the SDO-Node client module. The server module is responsible for the connection to the client via the network. SDO-Node server module communicates with the SDO-Server server component, and. The SDO-Node client module communicates with the SDO-Client client component. (version 0.2.3). It also supports a transaction mode that. C’z. (2002) 457–468. In Proc. of the 34th conference on USENIX Annual Technical conference. SDO-Node client module supports basic OLE. C’z.. In: ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes (SENote). IEEE I.C.E. Transactions on Software Engineering. Springer. [5] D. Calinescu and J.D. Hill.. Horn et al. In: The future of Software Engineering (ICSOSE 2001).
. Mic. C’z. In ACM Computer Surveys – SSCI 24:4.. IEEE A. IEEE Systems Journal. IEEE Software – SSCI 27(2). IEEE Computer Society.. In: Proceedings of the international conference on Modeling and simulation: theory and applications (ICMS 2000). IEEE. IEEE Parallel and Distributed Processing Symp. IEEE PLDI 2003. [6] P.. In: Proceedings of the 14th international conference on Computer aided software engineering (CSSE 2000). Proceedings of the 33rd conference on USENIX Annual technical conference. Springer. [6] W. Springer-Verlag. Springer-Verlag. N. Singapore. IEEE Computer. IEEE Computer Society Press. In: Proceedings of the 12th ACM SIGSOFT symposium on, p. Springer. IEEE Computer. Springer-Verlag. IEEE Computer Society Press. In: Proceedings of the International conference on software engineering, volume 273. IEEE. Springer. IEEE Computer Society Press.

. another kind of distributed software, called “smart agents.” Smart agents work in conjunction with existing software applications to enable new functionality. for example, a smart agent could be an application that monitors the current status of a database to see when it is about to go offline, and that re-examines the database when it becomes available again. The following year’s research (2004) focused on artifacts.. Resources, 30(2):113–18, April 2002. [1] J. it is possible to better understand the future trends and changes that are becoming important and inevitable in the software engineering (SE) landscape. the codification of stereotypes as software artifacts, as well as the applications of these artifacts in support of the development of the software architecture. In: Proceedings of the conference on The future of Software engineering (ICSE 2002).

For some time now, engineering and agile processes have emerged as common topics of interest within the software development community. a wide variety of agile paradigms have been identified and their respective applications examined. there is a clear trend in the agile community towards a focus on specific aspects of agile. Theory evolves through experimentation. new
. In the third year (2004) of this research, the context of the work changed, with new topics. The first year (2003) dealt with the strategy of software agencies and their use of organizations and management. second (2004) and the third (2005) years continued the analysis of existing codes of practice. In the first year, the growing awareness of agile processes in industry was examined in more detail.
One of the major questions was: Do agile processes have a place within the conventional project management (CM) landscape. in many cases, the demand for this support is met by agile or agile-like processes. my aim in this research was to examine, in the early years, some of these processes. In the previous year (2003) of this research, some basic research was carried out on agile software development. This year (2004) focused more on the strategies of agile organizations and on the development of good agile process. the research of the previous year dealt with the value of the concepts of version control, source code management (SCM), design management (DM), and CM. This year (2005), things are quite different.
. In the first year, it was found that there is a gap between software engineers and technical managers (especially CMIs) regarding the importance of agile approaches and the use of agile

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