Free WMA Cutter And Editor [Win/Mac]

What can Free WMA Cutter and Editor do for you?

A powerful, easy to use audio editor that quickly and easily does audio editing for you. This software features intuitive but powerful, editing tools that trim WMA and WAV files, convert audio and wave files, or even create files from scratch. You can import, trim and remove sections of audio files, save files in various formats, convert to WAV, WMA or many other formats, or even preview the audio data right in the program. There is also an easy to use, drag and drop feature that lets you insert files from the system’s hard drive, and right-click menu options that let you batch process and duplicate entries.

Trim WMA, WAV and Wave Files

This powerful program helps you to quickly and easily trim WMA files, WAV files, and Wave files. Trimming is done by setting the start and end position, and you can make sure that your project will be done without any hassle in just a few simple mouse clicks. Editing the length of file sections is simple and intuitive, and you can even change the volume or apply a fade in and fade out effect in order to boost the quality of the final product. This is an easy way to edit your digital audio without any hassle.

Read the manual, it will help you with your audio trimming.

Fade Audio Slices

This software provides you with an easy way to fade audio slices. The change between two audio files is quite easy to set up, and the application supports track fade in/out and track fade in/out/up/down, which will make your audio files sound better and give them that professional appearance. You can also choose between fade out and fade in or fade in and fade out, and can make sure that your audio project will be done with ease.

Save in Various Formats

The powerful WMA Cutter and Editor will let you save files in a number of formats, including MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, FLAC, and M4A. This is very useful for people who like to play and/or listen to their WMA or WAV projects in their computers or portable devices, as WMA files are compatible with most audio players. An MP3 file is compatible with some portable devices and has a lower file size than a WMA file, which is why it can be considered to be more suitable for those who like to keep a low

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FREE WMA Cutter and Editor is the perfect tool for editing WMA audio files (WAV not needed) easily. Free WMA Cutter and Editor is a simple and intuitive WMA Cutter and Editor that allows you to trim WMA audio files (WMA), change track volume, fade in and fade out, enhance audio track, convert audio track to mono or stereo, or convert audio track to WAV.
* Its powerful WMA audio cutter makes it the perfect utility for editing and trimming WMA audio files (WMA) easily.
* Enhance audio track using parameters such as volume, fade in and fade out, and more
* Convert WMA audio track to mono or stereo
* Convert audio track to WAV for further editing
* Quick and easy to use and it has a good response time, so you won’t have any problems with it
* Easy to install and uninstall
* No bloatware, no third-party ads and no malware
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Free WMA Cutter and Editor is an audio editing software which allows you to convert, trim, edit and edit WMA audio files by using a powerful toolbox, for example, one that can convert video, audio and speech.

Free MP3 Converter is easy to use and allows to convert any audio files to any format, provided that the conversions are supported by the program. The application comes with a list of supported audio formats, their respective codecs, a preview, a tag editor, an editor for metadata.

As noted, the program is quite easy-to-use, and you can perform various functions such as conversion, editing, and the conversion of unsupported audio files. The application is also not only a MP3 converter, but it can also convert video and audio files as well.

You can perform batch conversions, which works better if the files have very similar or identical characteristics (for example, identical extensions).

Similar to Free MP3 Converter, the Free AAC Converter also comes with a list of supported audio and video formats, their respective codecs, a batch conversion tool, metadata editor, as well as an audio and video previewer.

Unfortunately, the program has a few inconveniences, as well as some issues. For instance, the automatic detection of audio and video files is not quite reliable, since the program doesn’t remember the path to the audio files, and if you use a local device, you can’t perform batch conversions.

However, Free AAC Converter is much simpler and intuitive to use than Free MP3 Converter, so it’s worth giving a try.
Free AAC Converter Review:
Now that you know more about the program, which one is your pick? On the one hand, we’ve covered Free MP3 Converter, an intuitive software which allows you to convert audio formats in batch or one by one. On the other hand, we’ve discussed Free AAC Converter, an audio converter which is much simpler and intuitive to use, as well as one that doesn’t just convert audio files, but also supports the conversion of video and audio files.

If you have your own personal reasons to use one of the two, or you want to test the other, you can do so with our Free Audio Converter Software Reviews page.

Audio cutter comparison: Free AAC Converter vs. Free MP3 Converter:
If you want to know more about the differences between these two programs, you can read our review of

What’s New In?

The 1-Click-Solution for your audio files!
Free WMA Cutter and Editor is a free audio editor software for Windows. It allows you to trim audio files with the WMA format and convert them to WAV or MP3. In addition, Free WMA Cutter and Editor supports the following audio file formats: WMA, WAV, MP3. With Free WMA Cutter and Editor you can edit your audio files in one simple step. You are able to select the start and end position, apply fade-in, fade-out and trimming effects, edit the volume or more. Free WMA Cutter and Editor is very easy to handle. You can easily make your selection with the mouse or you can just enter your favorite start and end value directly. Conversion to MP3 or WAV is very easy with Free WMA Cutter and Editor. You just can’t need to get your hands dirty – Free WMA Cutter and Editor does everything for you.
Key Features:
* Convert and trim WMA audio files
* Edit the volume and fade in/out of audio files
* Trim WMA audio files with multiple effects
* Convert and trim WAV audio files
* Convert WMA or WAV audio files to MP3 files
* Correct and improve the sound quality of audio files
* Save results in the WMA or WAV format
* Preview audio tracks
* OS: Windows
* Free WMA Cutter and Editor is an FREEWARE application, the installation costs are
optional and can be omitted completely.
Best Performance
With Free WMA Cutter and Editor you get the best performance. Conversion to MP3 or WAV is very fast because of its high efficiency. The results of Free WMA Cutter and Editor’s conversion are of a professional quality and offer the best sound quality out of all other software.
Installing Free WMA Cutter and Editor is a very easy process. You simply need to extract the files from the package to your destination. The installation process is very fast and has a good response time and no error messages during our tests. After installation, you can start the app as often as you like.
The size of Free WMA Cutter and Editor is as a result of its powerful and flexible function set rather small. The installation package weighs only about 39.5 MB. This package is freeware and can be installed on any compatible PC.
Converting WMA to WAV:
And now, convert

System Requirements:

Supported OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5-2400/AMD Phenom II X4 940
Hard Disk Space: 25GB
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Install Notes:
1. Please uninstall your previous versions before installing the game.
2. The installation may take several minutes.
3. The game may be unstable after being updated to 1.20