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So. this week, through some unlucky circumstance, we now have a cameo by what appears to be a vaguely dismembered Christopher Walken.

At the time, the whole post-apocalyptic thing wasn’t as immediate a signifier of oncoming apocalypse as it is now, but still…

Not that it matters! I made a hilarious one in my Art tutorials video! Or you could have just watched that instead!

Anyway, I thought you all might enjoy this.

As always, enjoy the show!


What are the impacts of changing the directory structure of a SQL Server Express installation?

I have a SQL Server Express database on my dev machine that I use to test web app integrations to the database. The data is stored in a “Documents” folder and I run my databases locally on the folder.
For now, I am using the default directory structure, which is to create a new “Documents” folder under C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10_50. I have to manually switch the database directory structure after every deployment or new software install.
What are the negative impacts of changing the directory structure of SQL Server Express database to match the folder structure of the host machine? Would having a database installed to the root of C:\ drive negatively impact the instance?


The only way you are going to have problems is if your site uses the old style of database naming with [Scheme].[ShareName].[ServerName]. You will have to recreate that when you switch directories or the instance becomes stopped or you will have issues using the instance.
We use the newer “standard” naming convention with the database name always named using the database object in the lowercase with a dash and no spaces.
For example:

We create folders on the server for each schema and then have a folder for each server on the DB. When we deploy the database we have it use the \Software\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\\Backup folder for the backup files and the created the \Software\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\\MSSQLData\ShareName.MSSQLxxx folder to store the data.
This allows us to swap server drives without having


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