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Farm country experiences! The Farm is an addictive puzzle game that takes place on a small and remote farm.
Your main goal in the game is to feed your animals, to keep the infection from their house, and to clean it.
When the animals get sick, you have to pay extra attention to their. Let them enjoy the best place in your farm!
In addition, you have to take care of the wormhouses and the greenhouse, but also the barn, the carpenter’s shop and the house.
Many of the events in the game, in the rules and in the greenhouse, encourage you to fight against the infections.
You have 10 animals to care for, as well as 10 houses and wormhouses. And many of the items in the shop, such as tools,
accessories or seeds.
Your farm can grow, and you can improve it by obtaining new farms and items.
A very fun, bright and colorful experience!
Thanks to the tradition of the cartoon world, 8 arctic animals are well known by the adventure game players:
❤ Penguin: Sweet, curious and fun.
❤ Bear: Lazy and stubborn.
❤ Wolf: Tough and loyal.
❤ Hare: Efficient and quick.
❤ Whale: Do not waste his intelligence.
❤ Caribou: Brave and wild.
❤ Walrus: Regular and traditional.
❤ Eagle: Delicate and elegant.
❤ Puffin: Clever and the most intelligent.
Now we are offering you to make a real farm in the frozen wild!
Visit our website:
– 10 animals: Puffin, Penguin, Bear, Wolf, Hare, Whale, Eagle, Caribou, Walrus, Owl.
– 10 houses and wormhouses: Shack, Barn, Shed, Garage, Kitchen, Cabin, Workshop, Living, Bedroom, Bathroom, Attic
– 5 gardens
– 10 crops
– 10 kinds of tasks
– Unique player story
– Incredible animation
– As beautiful as an arctic forest
– State-of-the-art graphics
– Lots of animals and plants
– Lots of tasks
– Lots of help items
– Intuitive controls
– Very fun and light
– Very detailed
– Lots of help items
– As beautiful as an arctic forest
– State-of-the-art graphics
– Lots of animals and


My Arctic Farm Features Key:

  • Deep Arctic environment
  • High-quality graphical environment
  • Complex ecosystem, many fishes and predators
  • Grow plants and feed animals to grow safe foods
  • Unique and challenging games


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• First Farm game, available on all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows)
• Real adventures, such as traveling along the coast or skiing down the land, with a real storyline
• All our animals are fully customizable!
• More than a dozen of events and goals that are always available to players
• Free to play, but in-app purchases are available!
Supported platforms:
iOS (iPhone, iPad and Apple TV)
Android (any version)

App ChangeLog

Version 1.3.0

– We have rebuilt the optimization of our app. We hope that it is easier to
play with. Thanks for your feedback!

– The garden is now customizable. You can re-color some elements in it!

– Two new animations have been added: the step animation for your farm and
for your animals.

– You can now manage your inventory in the Shop directly from the farm.

– A bug that prohibited players from being able to buy in app purchases has
been fixed.

– Rewritten all the menu, so it will be easier to understand what will be
your next actions.

– Fixed some minor bugs.

App Screens

iPhone / iPod Touch



Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 8

Game Center


The game now is compatible with the Microsoft Game Pass.

App Monetization: This app uses IAP for real money purchases within the game. You can disable IAPs by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

App Review: “My Arctic Farm is a simulation game with a very easy
interface. The graphics are good, the animations are great and I have
already had the opportunity to play several times.” – 4.5 out of 5 stars
– Avisanix

“I am so happy that I got this app for free, because I have the opportunity to win prizes and rewards while playing!” – 5 out of 5
stars – Beatriz R.

“I love the game! It’s so fun! I immediately enjoyed the game, so if
you’re looking for a fun game that has many things that you can win
during gameplay, this is the one for you


My Arctic Farm X64 (Latest)

Game information:My Arctic Farm Game Help file, help about game, information about the game, cheats, tips, guides, answers and a lot more. Cheats, tips, answers and some more about the game.Review: My Arctic Farm game is a free game, that is developed by the company PuzzlePirates. The game was published on 05.10.2014 and made available for both, Android and iOS devices. You can also download the game for Windows, PC, and Linux.

My Arctic Farm game description:Arctic Farm is a very amusing game that has to do with the adventures of a very curious and cute penguin that just wants to find food and see. The whole gameplay of the game is very simple: the game starts in the very beginning with just a penguin and a few coins. The penguin must eat, must be clean, must have health and must be fed. The game then offers the player to feed the penguin, the player gives the penguin fishes to eat, the player can sell the fish to the shopkeeper, the player can spend the coins to buy more animals at the farmers’ fair, or the player can spend the coins to feed his own penguin and to improve the penguin’s living conditions.

All the game has to do is very simple, because as you proceed you will unlock many farms and animals that will be placed in a little icy farm. In the icy field, the player will have to take care of these animals, which are all very cute. As the game continues, the player will see that there is a little farm that is growing, with farm animals and even cats, etc. The player can also have more than 1 penguin, a little village and the shops’s store.

If you liked this game, there is another one of the same gameplay that you can download. The other one is named ‘My Arctic Farm 2.0’. It is also free, but the game has more animals and its gameplay is a little bit more complicated, but is still very amusing.

Game features:My Arctic Farm game help file

Cheats:There is a web site where you can find cheats, hints, tips and even answers about the game My Arctic Farm: cheats are very easy to use and you just have to search the web for cheats.

Tips and tricks:On this web site you


What’s new:

Blaze Glowing in The Dark

My farm isn’t as accessible to most as most people’s barns. It’s higher in the hills, and at the end of a long dirt road. To get there you have to get into ATVs, and then you weave your way through the woods and up an incline.

But come winter, it’s heaven. I’m able to sit in the warm, dry evenings, living out of the chill that was the first day, with the sun streaming through the kitchen window and the air coming out of my 4-horsepower heater and onto my feet and legs.

It’s not everybody’s preference. I myself prefer a barn in the middle of town, where I’m able to pop in and out as I please.

But for the past year, I’ve lived at the edge. My property has several buildings and lots of old wood, so a fire is a frequent occurrence. It’s a sturdy, solid place that I chose when I first moved to our dirt lot. I loved that I didn’t have to worry about neighbors or animals in the area.

Then I made the mistake of basing my home around my interests. I like to work with old wood and open flame, and so I spent a lot of money renovating my place.

One benefit of living in a rural place is that I’m able to use my wood stove year-round. I don’t need to run it during the summer, because the nights are cold and nights that end in “w” are the worst.

The stove’s self-sustaining withstood a lot of neglect. I had to rebuild it twice and have it rewired twice.

According to county records, I’ve had a building permit for my chimney since I moved in 2004, which means it took over six years to build. It was around that time that I started smoking on my porches and sitting in the evenings.

The heater is an older 4-horsepower Russian-made unit that was installed in the mid-1980s. Then, it wouldn’t work, so I installed a 2,000-watt inverter, which finally worked.

I’d like to replace that inverter, but I’m kind of fried with money. We’re going to sell our horses this spring and the husband and I are going to share a small apartment in the city. Sure, that will leave me some money. We could invest it in a


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    System Requirements:

    Intel® Core™ i5-7200U processor or AMD equivalent.
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