Bigger Calculator is a Metro app that blends well with Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 devices, especially those with touch support. It displays a large calculator on the screen with big digits that are impossible to miss.
The software application aims to provide users with a simple way of calculating basic arithmetic equations that involve addition, square root, negative numbers, and others. It supports memory functions and doesn't require an active Internet connection after setup, so you can use it even when you go offline.
Simple setup and interface
The tool is trusted by Microsoft, which means that you can download and install it from the Windows Store, in order to launch it like a pinned app from your Start Screen or Menu.
Commands can be sent by clicking the buttons on the screen or by pressing the corresponding keys, thanks to the fact that it has keyboard support. Unfortunately, the number pad (numpad) isn't supported.
Basic arithmetic operators with hotkey support
When it comes to operations, you can perform additions, multiplications, divisions and subtractions, determine the square root or reciprocal of a number, use the decimal point along with positive and negative numbers, as well as use memory functions (MC, MR, MS, M+, M-). The percentage operator wasn't integrated.
Snapped view is supported. As far as shortcut hotkeys are concerned, you can press R for square root, S for positive and negative numbers, C for clearing the entries, and so on. It's also possible to copy and paste the output (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V).
Simple, yet unsatisfying arithmetic calculator
Taking everything into account, we expected more from this Modern UI app, even if it's a simplistic calculator. The interface is outdated and Bigger Calculator randomly failed to respond to key presses on Windows 10 in our tests. Nevertheless, you can test it for yourself.







PhoneBook Crack X64

The object of the phone book is to manage contacts in your mobile phone.
This project is a simple utility that comes with an example of how to use it.

BehaviorDefinition is a tool that helps you to create and configure behavior diagrams in UML or BPMN.
BehaviorDefinition is a process of creating and configuring a behavior diagram.

BehaviorDefinition can be used for two purposes:
Creating a behavior diagram for you to configure it (in a UML or BPMN way)
Using a behavior diagram to be shown in a complex process or scenario that you want to visualize
Using the built-in designer: (right click on the class, click “Design and configure a behavior diagram” or just select a diagram from the list.)
If you create a behavior diagram and want to configure it, don’t hesitate to call:

How to add a new type of users into your application :
Add a new role for users
In this example, let’s say we have a tree with customer and product.

A customer can choose between 2 product types : Cappuccino or Espresso.

For the moment, we have only the customer and product objects but we would also like to add the type of users that can be added to a customer.

The different user types :

After registering the users (user object), if you want to assign him to a customer, you can choose between the following options :

A new user will be created for you or
A user that already exists in your application will be chosen for you.

All the UML class diagram are available here :

The different scenario’s:
1. Create an inventory and choose a category
2. Create a new vendor
3. Create an order
4. Create a new status

Inventory creation
In this scenario, we have to create an inventory with one or more category (but this category can be empty).
The scenario is based on the fact that a product can be sold through 2 different ways:
1. Create an inventory for the customer and choose a category in which to be sellable.
2. Create an inventory for the vendor and choose a category in which to be sellable.
In each case, the user has to select one of the categories.

Vendor creation
In this scenario, we have to create a vendor with at least

PhoneBook PC/Windows

1. Capture a keystroke and specify what to do when it is pressed.
2. Define an action or shortcut to repeat the specified command with the input of a specific key.
3. Save your macros for later use.
4. Use your Macros as a manager.
1. Capture user input and assign shortcuts or predefined keyboard actions.
2. Save keystrokes for later use.
3. Create and edit macros with ease.
4. Use templates and macros for greater efficiency.
5. Export and import macros for easy sharing.
6. Import and export browser bookmarks.
Download Screenshot:

More Macros…

===== Screenshot Test =====
Press the FN key, then press the key you want to record. Hit the “Stop” button to record the keypress.

===== License =====
You can run the application once. You can use it as long as you want. No time limits. You can use it for your personal and/or commercial purposes.

This application is not affiliated with the software publisher of the same name.

=============== POPULAR LINKS

“Hotkey” –

“Mac OS X Server Guide” –

“Mac OS X Server Help” –

“Power Finder: Learn more about OS X Mountain Lion” –

“Macworld Magazine: Learning OS X Mountain Lion” –

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PhoneBook Crack

This application will enable you to have your contacts listed into your phone book and allow you to easily add or remove contacts from your phone book.
Allow you to add or remove contacts with ease.
Also it shows you the recent call and message history.
Also gives you a quick access to your contacts.
Supports English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese.
And can be translated into other languages.

Last time I used it was version 1.0.1. It worked OK on my phone but as the app I can’t use it anymore. I think the developers discontinued it. I would appreciate if someone could tell me how to install the latest version of this app. I want to give it another try.


There’s not really an easy way to install the new version. On the other hand, you can download the old version and just keep it in your app folder, and you’ll have it whenever you update your phone.

Download the version you want to use.
Unzip it. (Note: be sure that you unzip it somewhere other than your app folder).
Go into the app folder in Explorer on your PC. If you’re using Windows 8, open the start menu, type “explorer”, and select the “explorer” tile. If you’re using Windows 7, open the start menu and select the “My Computer” icon.
Select “Windows Explorer” (looks like an inverted file directory) from the left hand pane of the window. Select the folder where you unzipped the app, and double click it.
Copy the.apk file to your phone’s app folder.
Install the app on your phone.

You’ll find the app in the app folder on your phone, with a file named “Contacts.apk”.
I think the app should work after you’ve copied it to your phone. To change languages, you’ll need to add a new version of the app. If you have trouble installing the app, let me know and I’ll try to help.


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What’s New In?

TunesKit is a Windows application designed for creating customized music playlists from audio files. The user interface is very intuitive and provides a visual way to explore the content of the files available in the folder. TunesKit allows you to choose any audio file, adjust the speed, modify the volume, as well as create your own custom playlist.

Easy Media Manager is a Windows utility designed for organizing and managing a media library. The program is easy to use, and it gives the user a chance to sort and review media files with the aid of various sorting options.
Key features:

Grouping media files in folders
Sorting by date
Sorting by name
Viewing information about each file
Editing tags
Adding keywords to each file
Deleting files
Auto-detecting selected media files
Using the program’s extensive search feature to locate any media file
Adding all the media files in a folder to a playlist
Exporting media files from any playlist to a USB flash drive
Exporting media files from a playlist to CD

A731R is a Windows utility that allows you to join and rename multiple music files. The application provides a set of highly intuitive features that let you access any file with the aid of a wizard, as well as instantly change the file’s name and add any special tags to the file.
Key features:

File & Folder Management
Converting files
Joining files
Adding file extensions
Changing file extensions
Editing tags
Renaming files
Creating playlists

Antivirus Central is a small Windows application designed for providing a broad-spectrum of antivirus protection. The tool has been specifically designed for getting rid of all known types of malware and protecting your PC against any potential threats.
Antivirus Central is not just an antivirus scanner, but it is also a versatile data security solution that provides a solid defense against various Internet threats. Antivirus Central allows you to set rules, display custom alerts, as well as keep your computer protected from potentially dangerous software.
The program runs in the background, and it is able to track any changes to your computer’s registry. Moreover, the antivirus utility provides you with a complete set of anti-malware features, including real-time protection, cleaning, on-access scanning, as well as file surveillance.
Key features:

Incoming & Outgoing Email Protection
Archive files
Clean out with ActiveX
Clone suspicious files
Content scanning
Custom scan
Directory monitoring
Data recovery
Data loss protection
File integrity check
File repair
File/Folder Alerts
Generate XML reports
History logging
Installation of malware
No-reinstall protection
One-click backup
Scan a specific file
Scan files on FTP or

System Requirements For PhoneBook:

OS: Win 7, 8, or 10;
Processor: Intel Core i3, i5 or i7;
Memory: 2GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or AMD Radeon R9 270
DirectX: Version 11
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Storage: 7.4GB available space
Additional Notes:
You must own a full version of the Steam client (currently the Steam Client version 1.5.29) to install and play Scribblenauts Unlimited.