The Lands Between are a world that offers a new type of adventure that is difficult to find in other action role-playing games. It is a world of chaos, where mysterious stones that have great magical power, known as “Elden Stones”, are scattered throughout.
Traveling between different worlds, you will fight against the monsters in order to obtain these powerful stones. You will also experience varied scenes through a story full of characters such as a hero, a cursed princess, a powerful wizard, and more.

A young man with a complex past, tasked with saving the Lands Between.

The hero awakens in a mysterious world that is different from his original one. He ventures out into the vast world full of excitement to collect Elden Stones and to make everything right.

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Rising, Triggering the Adventure
  • Lava, a New Regional Monster
  • The Lands Between
  • A Large World with Many Differences
  • Online Play that Loosely Connects you to Others
  • A New Adventure of Secondments and Trials
  • Complex Timing System
  • Darkness and Light Generate Warmth with Drama
  • Weapons, Armor, and Magic that You Can Equip and Develop
  • A Variety of Dungeons
  • Rogue’s Inheritance – Powerful and Aggressive
  • Mastery Over Your Favor Crafting and Confusing the Enemy
  • Note:

    • You can purchase the EXP and loot boxes via in-game purchases in which you can use your real money within the Nanosuit game. These purchases can be made during the game’s open period.
    • The in-game purchases may take a few days to receive. Your content record will be updated after the purchases are complete.

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    Infinite Brink is a online shooting game developed by Starbreeze Studios and was released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. It was released on May 28, 2007, in North America, May 31 in Europe and June 1 in Australia and Japan.

    Save the world from evil forces using powerful guns and special abilities.

    A game where you can play using the touch screen on your smartphone or tablet.

    Game structure:

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    Other keys:

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    Back key: This key allows you to go back.

    Restart: This key allows you to restart the game from the start.


    Completed one map: When you have completed a map.

    Completed the first mission: When you have completed the first mission.

    Completed the game: When you have completed all the stages.

    You can see the achievements that you have unlocked in your collection on the last screen of the game.

    How to play ELDEN RING game:

    After the game is downloaded, the trial version can be played. This version of the game allows you to


    Elden Ring With Key [March-2022]

    Brandishing the Power of the Elden Ring and Becoming an Elden Lord

    • Beginner Friendly Local Networking
    In order to enjoy an easy and smooth multiplay experience, the local networking feature has been created.

    • Play with Friends
    Enjoy easy multiplayer.
    • Local Networking
    In order to enjoy an easy and smooth multiplayer experience, local networking has been created.

    “Has more depth than other games in the genre” – Metacritic, Japan, 4/5

    “Every year in the on-going Legend of Heroes series is a great experience, but honestly, they have taken the series to the next level with the gameplay and battle system of this game.” – Computerworld, Korea, 9/10


    Direct your fated battle against the waves of enemies to conquer them and move forward to the Kingdom of Prominence

    • Endless Action
    Fight in a battle arena against endless waves of enemies. At the end of each stage, if you defeat them all, you will move to the next stage.

    • Action-Style Online Game
    In addition to local multiplayer, you can enjoy on-line battles with your friends via an online platform.


    • Fight in the midst of on-line players and show your courage in the battlefield
    • Fight to overcome the enemy
    • Defeat your friends through the linked network

    FIGHT IN THE MIDST OF ONLINE PLAYERS: Show Your Courage in the Battle Field

    Quick Battle System

    Quick Battle

    “Its a bit easier to memorize your fighting skills since you can already gauge the kind of enemy you’re fighting even with your screen turned off or take a break from battle” – online review at Maisukaiseki, Korea


    Reach the Adventurer’s Awakening that leads to the Kingdom of Prominence

    Stage 1: Uncle Li’s Tower

    Stage 2: Mansion

    Stage 3: Hammerhead

    Stage 4: Uncle Li’s Tower

    Stage 5: Island Path

    Available on Nintendo Switch


    • Completely Unlocked Characters, Stages, and Skills
    Completely unlock the game once


    What’s new:

    [Game Overview]

    “I, too, have always dreamed of being a noble warrior”
    An extremely popular online fantasy game, “Sword Art Online” unique content is being created frequently. The goal of the game is to “live” in this game, overcoming obstacles and challenging enemies as “Let’s Play” videos by users. The fresh atmosphere of the Lands Between continues with this game.

    In addition to possessing the usual previous contents, “Sword Art Online: Lost Song” includes powerful new contents. Over a lot of dungeons, you are faced with new enemies, while in battles, new action items equipped to your character becomes available, increasing your power and effectiveness. Seamless multiplayer game functions created for a kind of magic, you and others, who join you to defeat the strongest opponents, can share fun together to overcome the challenges.

    The folklore features of this game include an excitement element and a unique graphic style, allowing users to maintain a fresh feel each time when they start over.

    【Release Date】
    Development has started on the “Sword Art Online: Lost Song” main title in spring 2010, and the version ready to be shipped with free updates (“Opera Version”) will start being sold in fall 2011. The main title will be released for the PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Vita.

    Developed by クロノス
    Produced by Gonzo
    Distributed by Bandai Namco

    This information was taken from the Web site above. It is, of course, subject to change.


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    Rekindle your spirit of adventure with the newest and greatest online RPG. —

    Rekindle your spirit of adventure with the newest and greatest online RPG. —

    Rekindle your spirit of adventure with the newest and greatest online RPG.

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