The title of the new fantasy action RPG is Elden Ring, which is the first title produced in partnership with Gungho Online Entertainment. Elden Ring is a fantasy adventure that is inspired by the novel Elden no Kakera, which will be published on May 26.

In this game, players are able to create their own character, and choose the weapons, armor, and magic that they will equip. The story is based on a multilayered tale told in fragments.

Powered by Unreal® Engine 3, the playable world is incredibly real and in 3D. The vivid environments create a gaming experience that remains fresh every time you play.

While the story is told in fragments, each of the characters is able to freely interact with the various thoughts of the other characters. Different from other titles, players can feel the emotion of the protagonist as he/she is so powerfully immersed in the story.

In addition to the game, Gungho Online Entertainment is also publishing a novel, official manga and original soundtrack of Elden Ring.

■ Storyline

The story is based on a tale set in the Lands Between, a land shrouded in darkness where the endless fields wind and fall, where the elements of earth and fire merge and lead the sacred prayers of all Elden Lords. The protagonist is a character who has exchanged the world of Elden, which has become the power of murder and has lost its innocence, for a new world while he lay ill in bed. He will become the new Elden Lord, Tarnished, who embarks on a journey of rise, the power of grace.

■ Elden Ring

Character Creation System

Create your own character.

Choose from six classes including ‘Wizard’ and ‘Warrior’ and customize the character in a variety of ways from the appearance to character abilities.

Equip items that will enhance your skills and abilities.

Equip items that will enhance your skills and abilities.

Experience unique game elements in the first title in the partnership.

Battle System

The game consists of a field battle system and a character battle system.

The field battle system:

The Field Battle System can be enjoyed in any of the locations that the player has discovered.

Being able to freely roam the field of vision means that the player can play in an environment that is as realistic as possible.

The Field Battle System consists of three different battle


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Warriors vs. Warriors, Guided by Grace
    A 2D multiplayer battle game (Solo / Co-op), where you and your friends take on the kingdom of the Elden on a map that expands as you defeat monsters and open chests.
  • Complete freedom to customize your character
    Vastly different character types can be freely combined as you wish. There are many existing combinations, and new character combinations can also be created.
  • Saga System – A multilayered story of unclear truth
    Four players will come together to explore a world full of dreams and doubts. Your fate with your companions will unfold in the Lands Between, where each character will participate in a unique story with their own experience.
  • Once Upon a Time System – The Beginning of Another Story
    A 2D battle game where you take the role of a knight or a magical girl. During battle, you can freely switch between the two, making you an ordinary adventurer or an extraordinary heroine. And every time you defeat monsters, you will be granted an event that will lead to the creation of another story in another world.
  • In-game purchases
    You can purchase, according to the way you prefer, the items that you have earned through the completion of quests.
  • 2016.11.19 Data on released software and plans of the development

    1. Main Features

    • 9 types of weapons (Bladed Lariat, Rifle, Sword, Club, Whip, Axe, Bow, Crossbow, Gun)
    • 9 types of armor
    • 9 types of magic
    • numerous mutations on the appearance of your character and on the features of each equipment
    • ~20 elemental abilities obtained through monsters and which cannot be traded for cash money
    • a final evolution of each equipment after use and an appearance customization menu that enables and limits the combination of the existing types of equipment
    • a myriad of possible costumes to put on your character
    • inventory that can be packed or downsized to quickly switch outfits
    • fully customizable key items: gloves, capes, tights, face veils, staffs, wands, crystals, pendants, pouches and a clock or cloth bag to prevent equipment from getting lost
    • data information on battle results, such as your HP,


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    Lands Between the Elden and the Valorians

    The world of the Lands Between is divided into five vast divisions. In each division, you can freely enjoy the world as you like.

    • Fast-Moving Action that Outstrips Old TPS Games
    In the Lands Between, you won’t see an elevator button or a menu, and you will play using the key hotkeys.

    Players can easily enjoy traditional CRPG turn-based combat while having a high sense of freedom with RNG-Based Action.
    A Vast World Full of Excitement
    “The Lands Between” — A vast world with many content and a diverse world space.
    The town – Your home base.
    Keep – Your base.
    Enchantment Tree – The magick tree that allows you to receive various magicks.
    NPC Recruitment – Request NPC services.
    Magic Shop – The shop that sells various kinds of magic equipment.
    Guilds – Guilds offer various services related to things you need.
    Pirate Raid – Pirates are in the Lands Between.
    Siege – Armored monsters lead sieges against towns.
    Beast Hunt – The Beast Hunt is a lively hunting game.
    Beast Combat – Fight and defeat a variety of beasts in a battle.
    Animal Life – Some animals in the Lands Between have their own settlements.
    Train – Manage and train your own Pokemon or beast.
    Guild Raid – Guilds have been discovered in the Lands Between.
    Counterattack – Keep your guilds well-protected.
    Fisher – Go on fishing to get various items.
    Warp – Warp to the world’s hidden labyrinth.
    Excavation – Excavate hidden treasures in the world space.
    Oathkeeper – Fight alongside the Oathkeeper in defense of the Lands Between.
    Elden Ring – Brandish the power of the Elden Ring.
    Mighty Lord – Fully utilize the power of the Elden Ring.
    THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    Gameplay Interface


    (The Boundary)

    ○ The characters of the Lands Between are able to freely move around.
    ○ Your characters have various abilities and can be customized freely.
    ○ Equipped with an assortment of weapons, armor, and magic


    What’s new:

    COMING SOON: Dualizer Interactable Samus Heads

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