TweakFS Mini Explorer has been designed as a mean of tidying up the desktop of all the temporary files/zips that sometimes clog it.
At times there were dozens of files and with this utility I now simply work with or checkout a set of files and then put them away for quick future reference in a set folder location.
Here are some key features of “TweakFS Mini Explorer”:
■ Can be dragged to any location on the desktop via top and bottom panels.
■ Remembers last position on startup.
■ Full OLE drag ‘n’ drop and Windows Explorer context menu.
■ Rooted at the Common Documents Folder, there is an option to change that.
■ Double-clicking top and bottom panels rolls it up.







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It is designed to help one stay organized. Here are some of it’s features.
■ It can open all the files and folders that are hidden in Windows Explorer.
■ It’s also designed to root at a chosen folder.
■ Tidy up and organize all your files in a matter of seconds.
Get it now and save yourself heaps of time and hassle.

This small utility enables you to hide the password from other people who use your computer.
When it doesn’t work (because it is buggy) you can choose to put your Computer back into the Desktop.

If you are moving or creating folders and files in your Computer (Desktop) in Windows 7,8,or 10 this utility will greatly help you to find the created location.

This little utility enables you to add shortcuts to the Application Manager from a list of all applications installed on your computer.
When adding the shortcut it will search for the Application Manager, which resides in an “win0” folder.

An instant backup solution, useful when you want to back up your precious files before formatting or recovering from a disaster.

Allows you to add invisible shortcuts to the desktop via a easy to use wizard.

Once installed, you are able to change the icon and name of the shortcut.

You can also choose the desktop location from where it will be stored when added.

You can also add a shortcut to the Internet browser at

Launcher Bundler has been designed to help you simplify the organization of your Desktop.
At times a simple shortcut makes one task easy to complete,
and a bit more efficient.
It’s another great tool for the creative!

It creates a single shortcut which combines all the shortcuts in the list of apps that you want to bundle.
When you choose to launch them all at once, you might see a warning as not all apps can be launched at once.
This is due to the size of the programs on the internet.

You can add your desired shortcut to the left or right side of the bundler launcher.

You can change the name of the shortcut and the icon of the launcher.

Here is how it works.

Add a new profile with a name as “Startup”).

Drag and drop the launchers in the Startup profile.

The selected items will be displayed in an order that you

TweakFS Mini Explorer

TweakFS Mini Explorer is a mini version of the TweakFS Explorer.
It aims to fit snugly into your screen without taking up too much space.
The name TweakFS comes from the actions TweakFS Explorer has the capability to perform:
■ Select, Copy, Paste and Generate Random Unique File Names.
■ Pre-Process a Folder or File-Tree (Drag ‘n’ Drop) before sending it to the Downloader.
■ Export a Stream of Files/Folders into TXT files that can be quickly delivered.
■ And that’s not all… a select number of Tweaks can be enabled that allow you to gain additional productivity.
Tinderbar Management (Sub-Application):
■ The User Interface has been designed with simplicity in mind to keep things clean.
■ It puts all the UI elements into a dockable area that can be dragged around the desktop.
■ It also provides the user with control over the messages that are displayed.
■ TweakFS gives you more functionality than this offering, if you want to learn more or purchase this version then please read the TweakFS description.
Easy Browsing and Printing:
■ Using the right mouse button you can browse the folder/file-tree quickly and easily.
■ It can be done directly from the top and bottom panels.
■ But for users who prefer using their keyboard, a number of shortcuts are available.
■ You can browse by base-name, extension, size, date, type, location, child-items or any combination of those.
■ Printing can also be done either from the TweakFS Explorer Folder or directly from the Desktop.
■ By default the print options include Quitting or Staring / Stopping the application, using either the Context or Desktop menu, and/or the Hotkey.
Key Combination List:
■ The combination list allows you to quickly select items by their base name.
■ By default it shows all entries that have changed, inserted or deleted over the specified timespan (3 days)
■ For those that prefer a different timespan, simply change the settings from the Program menu.
■ To make even more unique a print-document, simply select a different output format from the list.
■ You can also save

TweakFS Mini Explorer With Full Keygen

TweakFS Mini Explorer is a tool that simplifies your work with temporary files on your hard disk.
This utility allows you to…

TweakFS Mini Explorer Features:
■ Double click on top panel reveals folder.
■ Click on bottom panel to open all files/folders in folder.
■ Rooted at Common Documents folder and folder can be changed.
■ Drag and drop files/folders from Explorer to top and bottom panels.
■ Supports OLE format drag ‘n’ drop as well as context menu for Windows Explorer.
■ Full Visual Basic 6.0 interface.
■ Minimum system requirements are Windows 95 and NT version 4.
TweakFS Mini Explorer Main Window:
TweakFS Mini Explorer main window contains buttons on it to…

Visual Basic 6

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Windows 95

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What’s New in the TweakFS Mini Explorer?

This is really a streamlined and a multitasking version of the previous TweakFS Shell.
TweakFS Explorer was a Windows Explorer add-on that improves Windows Explorer with lots of new features.
Download Now at:

It helps the users to conveniently find any file that has been downloaded and stored in the
User’s Downloads folder. It automatically displays this file in the list view, by using the
user-defined file extension and it helps the users to expand it into the Details view to read
the details about the file.
“Information context tree” feature of this tool helps in searching for any file, which
conveniently displays the search results as a tree view, upon which the user can conveniently
select and expand those files having the same content as that of the query.
The top panel
works with the OS X dock or the Windows taskbar, which allows the users to store any
commonly used applications, files or folders in the panel. By dragging any file from the
panel to the Desktop, it automatically expands into the Details view.
It stores the information of the file’s length and the size of its file in the panel and
shows these details when the user presses the Info button in the panel.
The users can easily display any number of files and folders in the list view, by defining
the criteria that can be used to filter the content of the folders. The file list is easily
navigated by using the navigation buttons, which are conveniently displayed on the bottom
The folder list can be selectively hidden, by pressing the corresponding button, or it can
be expanded using the Expand button, which is conveniently displayed on the bottom panel.
The file extension mapping can be set to display any specific extensions in the list view, so
that the users can conveniently access a particular file type.

(In file list view, click on + to add folder and file to the list, – to remove item, < to move items up/down, * to delete item). Also, using the row triangles, the user can selectively hide/show the row, so as to display only the rows of relevant folders. Also, using the search box, the users can type a search to navigate through the file list. "Information context tree" allows the user to explore the content of the file list. Installation: Automatic installation and Uninstallation

System Requirements For TweakFS Mini Explorer:

Windows 7 or 8.1. Intel Core i3 (2.4 GHz) or AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+, Intel Core i5 (2.4 GHz) or AMD Opteron 2200+, Intel Core i7 (2.8 GHz) or AMD Phenom X3 8750+, or Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition (3.2 GHz) with 2 or more GB of RAM or 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition, and at least 16 GB of RAM.
OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i